Salmon Take Over Duffins Creek

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Duffins Creek at Claremont Field Centre in Goodwood was swimming with fish Monday.  As Rita Nave reports various groups partnered to celebrate the launch of Phase 3 of the Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program.

Christine Tu, Manager of the Research Climate Programs at the Toronto Region Conservation Authority

“If fish are able to be brought back and survive then we as humans are living in a healthy watershed.”

It was a picture perfect day for this project, which saw a number of organizations come together to release thousands of fish into the creek.

Jeff Lyash, President/CEO of OPG

“This is designed to increase the number of salmon in the Great Lakes and habitats and support salmon spawning.”

Christine Tu

“Atlantic Salmon are a native species to Ontario.  We lost them about 100 years ago because of human activity when we dammed the rivers, polluted our waterway.  And we should do what we can to bring them back.”

Close to 2 thousand young fish known as fry which were raised in a hatchery were released into Duffins Creek.

Christine Tu with Toronto Region Conservation Authority says having fish in rivers and lakes is an indicator of watershed health.

Chris Robinson echoes Tu’s comments

“We’d have poor quality rivers but they’d be poor quality rivers for us.  Less available water for everyone to use and not look as nice as these cold waters like Duffins Creek.  Robinson says this is a long term process.  But the Bring Back the Salmon partners will continue to get wet yearly helping to put more salmon into the rivers so they’ll return and spawn.  That will help balance the ecosystems of Ontario and restore an important fishery in our lakes.

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