Another Failed Test At DYEC

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The Durham York Energy Centre has failed another test, and not by a little, by a lot.  But what does it mean for residents…

“The test results indicate that boiler number #1 failed the test”

A recent stack test from the Durham York Energy Centre showed results for boiler #1 far exceeded the Environmental Compliance Approval limits for dioxins and furans.

“They were at a level of 818 pictograms.  The boiler number 2 theirs was at 12.  And the limit which is embedded in our eca is 60.”

The boiler was 758 over the limit.

But Mirka and the region’s health department insist that it doesn’t pose a threat to  public health

“I can assure residents that results that came back shows that emissions from the waste facility are very low and they are only 2% of the limits imposed by the minister of environment”

“They are way below the compliance of regulation for 419, that’s in terms of human health risk.  It’s exceptionally low with no increased risk to the public”

Boiler 1 at the Durham York Energy Centre has been temporally shut down.

“Covanta has to prepare and abatement plan, they are working on it and after their plan is accepted by both regions and our consultants Covanta will be able to put boiler one back in operation.”

We reached out to Covanata and they provided us with this statement:

“After careful consideration and consultation with staff at Durham Region, we have shut down Unit 1 and are carefully investigating the cause of the draft results.

A retest will also be scheduled as soon as possible.“

The tests were done at the request of regional council.

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