Bomb Girls Legacy Lives On In Ajax

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The Ajax bombing girls legacy will continue to live on after a generous donation was made today, Joe Scarpelli has the details.

Underrated is one way to describe them. They played a huge role in World World II but have very little to show for it. Wednesday, however, they’re that much closer to the first ever public piece of art to honour the hundreds and thousands of Canadian women war workers.

A cheque from the federal government in the amount of $232,000 towards the memorial project. All this was made possible because of a group of women who once filled bomb shells for the war and in 2012 formed a group called the Ajax Bomb Girls.

Colleen Jordan, Ajax Bomb Girls: “The figure kept coming back that to do something really substantial to honour the close to one million in Canada that were providing tools and equipment and ammunitions as well as the close to seven thousand that worked at Defence Industries Limited, that it would probably come close to five hundred thousand. So, at the time it seemed virtually impossible but today it’s come true.”

Louise Johnson says this day brought back memories.

Louise Johnson, Ajax Bomb Girls: “People say to me ‘well what did you do on VE-Day? Didn’t you all come out and celebrate?’ I said no, we were filling shells. In Toronto there may have been some plants that rang the bell and said ‘everybody outside or something’ but that didn’t happen here.”

The memorial is expected to complete in the fall of 2018.

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