Multiple Bear Sightings In Durham Region

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

There was another bear sighting in Durham Region on the weekend.

Police are asking people to be extra careful after a bear was reportedly seen in the Dundee Park area in Oshawa.

Jolanta Kowalski, spokesperson for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Toronto says they’ve been in touch with police and are closely monitoring the situation.

“We’re aware of 3 reports and staff are prepared to deploy should it be requested by police.  So it’s possible bear has returned to natural areas.  We don’t know how many bears, it could very well be one bear but it could trigger multiple calls, so not sure if one or possibly more.”

Bettina Horton, resident

“I do have a friend who spotted one last night.”

Police received calls about sightings near Stephen G. Saywell Public School on Roundelay Drive on Sunday.  Last Thursday a bear was spotted in Whitby in the area of Garden Street and Taunton Road.  Kowalski says if you spot the bear to keep your distance, and keep your animals on leashes.

“If you were by some chance to encounter bear or coyote to back up slowly, leave the scene.  If animal advance, make yourself appear larger.  Bears don’t wish to be around us anymore than we wish to be around them.”

If you do see a bear, you’re asked to call 911 or police or the Bear Wise hotline at 1-866 514-2327

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