OMA and health minister want to negotiate, but can’t agree who called whom

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The Ontario Medical Association and the health minister can’t even agree on who called whom after both insisted they were prepared to resume negotiations on a new fee schedule for the first time in over a year.
It’s been two years since the province had an agreement with the OMA, which represents 34,000 physicians and medical students, and last year the government unilaterally imposed some fee cuts.
The OMA issued a news release Monday saying it was ready to return to negotiations “tomorrow” after Health Minister Eric Hoskins said he would consider the doctors’ request for arbitration to settle their fee disputes if talks resumed within 10 days.
Hoskins insisted Tuesday that the OMA knew full well that he had been prepared to consider mediation and arbitration since the doctors group “walked away” from negotiations a year ago, and said it was wrong of them to suggest otherwise.
Hoskins’ office issued a statement late Tuesday saying he “reiterated his offer” to return to formal negotiations“ but ”regrettably, the OMA has indicated they are not available to meet this week.“
The OMA said it was “confused by the minister’s comments,” claiming they called him and got nowhere.
(The Canadian Press)

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