Durham Group Takes On The Government For Better Health Care

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Healthcare workers are hoping an Ontario-wide referendum will raise awareness of the concerns they have about provincial funding.

“Ontario is the second lowest in funding for hospital beds”

Sarah Labelle was at Durham Regional Council on Wednesday to ask for support in the Ontario health collation referendum.

“It’s a vote that is taking place in different communities in Ontario to save hospitals.  It’s to stop the cuts to our hospital systems and ask the government to restore the funding to average of other provinces in Canada”

Labelle is a medical laboratory technologist with Lakeridge Health and says the health care unit has been hurting for a long time and end needs to be put to the cuts at the community hospitals.

“We have been running short on a regular basis, we do not back fill sick calls we have under staffing on a regular basis we have bottle necks in emergency departments, we have patients that are waiting to be discharged so that they can give up a bed to another patient that requires a bed.  We have to cancel elective surgeries every now and again because we do not have the space available to house the patients.”

In Labelle’s presentation, she showed a statistic that showed that Ontario ranks at the bottom of the country for hospital beds per 1000 population.

“We are competing with Quebec for the bottom of the pack.  We are actually the lowest in the OACD country for funding for hospital beds followed only by Chile and Mexico.”

The Ontario-wide Referendum vote will be held on May 28th.

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