Child Sent To Hospital As Bullets Fly In Oshawa

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A seven-year-old boy was sent to a local hospital after being hit by a bullet late Thursday night.  Joe Scarpelli has the details.

“Close to 11, I went to bed and I heard two pop, pop.”

One pop was a bullet to a 23-year-old’s abdomen.  The second pop was a bullet that struck a seven-year-old in the upper leg inside an Oshawa apartment.

“I called 911 right away and talked to them for a bit.  You could see everyone sort of coming out of the house and there was a toddler who was screaming and everyone was in a huge panic.”

One witness who requested to not be identified told reporters at the scene that she was outside while everything unfolded.  She says a black male who looked angry came out of this fenced area and walked past her with intent.  She then says the man fired two or three shots and ran toward Kaiser Street where he got into a silver/grey car with dark tinted windows.  Durham Regional Police spokesperson Sergeant Calder says both victims are recovering in hospital but is concerned for the seven-year-old boy’s mental health.

Sgt. Calder

“Both of them suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.  Actually the boy’s injuries are not believed to be that dangerous at all to his health.  But our concern with him too is that we also look beyond the physical injuries but of course this is going to be a very traumatic event in his life.”

Police do not believe this was a random incident.  They’ll continue canvassing the area and speaking to eye witnesses as the investigation continues.

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