OPP Gives Tips To Stay Safe While Driving On The Highway

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It’s an all too familiar scenario.  You’re driving on a major 400 series highway when your vehicle hits debris.  What do you do?  Rita Nave spoke with OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt on the do’s and don’ts while on the road.

One person is dead and three others injured following a collision on the QEW in Oakville Sunday night.  Police say they were out of their vehicles to examine some debris they had hit while traveling and that’s when the tragedy occurred.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt:

“I can tell you a 54-year-old woman from Toronto was pronounced dead at the scene.”    The crash happened around 8 pm and Sgt. Schmidt says the debris in question is a piece of a lifting mechanism that tow truck drivers use to tow vehicles.

“It’s a large piece of metal about 2 feet in length and trying to figure out where it came from.  While the people out examining the damage to their vehicle another vehicle struck this piece of debris, lost control and struck the people that were standing outside the vehicles.”

So what do you do if you’re ever in a similar situation?  We hit the streets to ask drivers if they know what to do?

“Get out of the way, there’s no way I would stop.  Way too dangerous.”

“Same thing hop over the guard rail and get the hell out of the way.”

“Well I’d probably be pretty panicky.  I would probably pull off the road best I could and call for help.”

“I wouldn’t get out.  I would probably avoid it and hopefully not create an accident trying to avoid it.”

Sgt. Schmidt has this reminder for people if ever in a situation where your vehicle becomes disabled.

“You need to look at all your options, to determine what are the best steps to get yourself safe.  Typically stay inside your vehicle is the best place to be, under the protection of your vehicle around you.  If you determine looking at the circumstances that you’re in a vulnerable position and you believe you can get away from the danger by exiting your vehicle and getting off the highway and you can do that safely, you need to determine that if you have the ability to do that safely.”

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