GO Train Fatality Causes Commuter Delays

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

GO Transit service was disrupted this morning after a train struck and killed a pedestrian.  Joe Scarpelli caught up with passengers who were affected by the delay…

It was shortly after 8 am when passengers boarded their train at this Oshawa GO station.  The Toronto bound train would make it shortly passed the Danforth GO before striking and killing a passenger, causing multiple delays including two Lakeshore East trains to be held in its tracks.

“We left Union on time and shortly before it arriving at Danforth the train came to a stop and within a very short period of time we were advised by the customer service person on the train that it appears that we have hit a trespasser is how they put it and we would have to wait until an investigation took place.”

“A lot of customers were annoyed, frustrated, some people had to get to work.  Like myself, I’m on my way to work right now, I’m late, so, I’m not a happy customer but these things happen.”

Meanwhile, back at the tracks, Humber College student, Jordan was stuck at Oshawa GO with a knapsack full of now late assignments.

“My teachers are really considerate.  They already know that it takes me two hours to get to school so most of the time I’ll just be like ‘oh the trains are delayed’ and they won’t even question it.”

Shortly after 9:30 am, two of the three affected tracks were cleared to resume operation but Metrolinx said that passengers should expect residual delays.  David Ireland tried to take advantage of the delays by showing up late which ended up backfiring on him.

“I got here just a minute or two after it was expected to leave and I actually missed the train because it was on time.”

Real-time updates on delays can be found on the Go Transit Twitter account.

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