Making The Road Safer For Durham Cyclists

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Spring is in the air and more and more cyclists are heading back out on the road. Thursday they were happy to find out a major donation was made towards their safety.

Brad Duguid

“An investment of $325,000 to the town of Whitby.”

Cyclists in Durham Region are applauding the government for stepping up and improving the bike or lack of bike trails in Whitby.

Bruce MacDonald, Durham Region Cycling Coalition

“The current situation is kind of grim because you will have some great infrastructure and its great then it dies.”

The money the town of Whitby received will go towards new cycling infrastructure and maintenance of current cycling infrastructure.

A move that the government believes will make the roads safer for drivers and cyclists.

“it will help ensure that we have better connections to our green belt cycling paths to make it easier and safer for cyclists”

Bruce MacDonald, Durham Region Cycling Coalition

“We are excited! It connects two of the major routes that we have across the province which is the waterfront trail and a new route called the greenbelt route.”

The money will be used towards installing 10 kilometers of new cycling facilities which will include paved shoulders and painted bike lines.  A major important will be connecting exciting cycling routes and providing a safe route for cyclists o access the greenbelt route north of Whitby.

Bruce MacDonald, Durham Region Cycling Coalition

“So what this really does is allows us to get to the greenbelt route and the water front trail and do it safely”

Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell

“We are going to have the roads all the way from Taunton line road and all the way from Ashburn Road.

It’s a big connection and filling the gap.  It also allows us to do other things.”

Duguid believes the bicycle is the wheel of the future

“There is a huge demand for it and we are still playing catchup if you go to places like Europe the roads are filled with cyclists”

Don Mithclle

“It will be used here.  It will help ease our some of our congestion, it will help some of us be healthier”

The money will be given to the city over the next two years.

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