CAA Looking For Worst Roads In Ontario

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The brief stint of warmer weather revealed a new season… a season of potholes and other road hazards and CAA wants your help to fix them.

Pot holes, uneven road surface, crumbling payment, and the never ending grind of traffic may be just a few complaints that drivers in Durham Region have.

Starting today CAA wants residents to weigh in on which roads in Ontario are in some serious need of TLC.

“It really depends on everyone’s personal experience whether it be congestion, potholes, or improper road signs etc.  Whatever their rational may be.  We want to focus on safer roads in Ontario.”

Drivers, cyclists, transit riders, and pedestrians can make their pick for the bumpiest, pot-hole and congested filled roads.

Last year a few Durham Region roads cracked the top 100 worst roads in the province.

“There were two roads that were trending quite high in Durham Region.  The first was Bloor Street East in Oshawa and the second one was Ashburn Road in Port Perry”

You can vote for the worst roads in the province at until April 29th.  Nominate as many streets as you like, but you cannot vote for the same road, bridge or highway twice.

“You can highlight a particular stretch of the road as well and we will be releasing the top ten roads in May”

Last year, Algonquin Boulevard in Timmins was named the worst road in Ontario.

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