Proposed Legislation Could Give Homeowners A Leg Up

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Ontario is looking at licensing home inspectors.  Right now, anyone in the province can call themselves a home inspector — regardless of whether they’ve completed any sort of professional training.

The Ontario government says it plans to introduce legislation aimed at regulating the home inspection industry sometime this year.

Certified Master Inspector and owner of ASAP Home Inspections Jim Van Loosen can’t understand why its taken the government so long to implement this.

“We control the people who look at our cars for licenses and this is a lot more expensive purchase than a car for most people.  So it really should have been done a long time ago and I can really only point the finger at the people who are responsible at the top.”

Currently, the only provinces that regulate home inspectors are British Columbia and Alberta.

Home buyers rely on home inspectors to catch things like a leaky foundation before making a decision whether or not to purchase a home.  But if an inspector misses the problem the homeowner could be on the hook for thousands of dollars worth in repairs.

In the meantime if you are in need of a home inspection, Van Loosen has this advice.

“You want to have a home inspector that has insurance because in some cases the inspector is liable if they make mistakes.  But the easy way to deal with it is to deal with a home inspector that is a certified inspection expert or somebody that uses warranties like residential warranty services or inspector services group and what that does is it helps protect the buyer from any problems that could arise that the inspector really can’t see during the inspection.”

In most Canadian provinces, including Ontario anyone can call themselves a home inspector.  Van Loosen says it will be interesting to see what the Ontario Government decides on how people are licensed.

“It seems that their trying to pass the bill really quickly and their going to find that they run into some situations where who’s going to be eligible, what association is an acceptable education, how many home inspections do you have to do and none of this has been released yet.  Really all that I’m seeing so far is that they’ve read this off as a bill and I think they have to do one more reading before it becomes law.”

Ontario first started discussing plans to license home inspectors back in 2013.

Van Loosen says in some ways it makes home inspectors a little more accountable for what they do.

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