Daily Scoop – April 1, 2016

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The Juno Awards are set to be handed out on Sunday, but Canadian music’s biggest night is preceded by a weekend full of star studded events.  Details in your Daily Scoop.

Calgary is buzzing with plenty of Juno activities including a photography exhibition that showcases more than 40 years of Canadian music and the Juno awards.  The Juno cup will feature some of Canada’s biggest music stars facing off against hockey players to raise money for MusiCounts, plus the Juno Fan Fare, which gives fans the opportunity to meet some of their favourite artists.

Justin Timberlake is being sued by Cirque du Soleil, who alleges the song, “Don’t Hold The Wall” from Timberlake’s album, “The 20/20 experience”, sampled from the song “Steel Dream,” from Cirque’s 1997 album.  The suit is seeking a minimum of $800,000 in damages for copyright infringement.

Apple is celebrating its anniversary and the company has a new ad campaign starring Taylor Swift.  The first of four ads featuring the “Shake It Off” singer was released today.

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