Numerous Charges Laid Over Easter Weekend

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Ontario Provincial Police were patrolling the highways over Easter Weekend cracking down on drivers not wearing their seat belts.  But officers uncovered more than drivers not buckling up.

Sgt Kerry Schmidt, OPP

“We took 10 impaired drivers off the road because of alcohol or drug impairment.  Across the province, 94 impaired driving charges were laid in this Easter Long weekend.”

OPP’s Kerry Schmidt says these impaired charges are unacceptable.

“To see those kinds of numbers, we’ve already had people lose their lives this year because of impairment and because of all the other big 4’s as well.  We’re trying to raise the awareness and have people understand there are consequences for those actions; high risk behaviours and we don’t want to see it on the roads especially on an Easter long weekend.”

Last October 2015, three small children and their grandfather lost their lives following a horrific crash.  29-year-old Marco Muzzo faces 18 changes including 4 counts of impaired-driving causing death.

Sgt Schmidt says people don’t seem to get it.  He believes people agree with the message, but they don’t think that message is directed at them.

“They think they can handle their booze and it’s not going to happen to them and every time someone goes drinking and gets home safely at the end of their night without being under the eyes of the police, they think they’ve actually done well.  The problem is they don’t know how bad their driving actually was and for the most part when we see an impaired driver they look just like a distracted driver or a fatigued driver.”

“It seems to me that nobody is getting the message and more needs to be done whether it be provincially or federally.  There need to be more done to crack down on impaired drivers.”

“Absolutely ridiculous.  I think that when you’re impaired, just stay home, stay at your friend’s house.”

“It is so advertised you should not get behind the wheel when you’re drinking and driving.  Use a bus, taxi, call a friend.  But don’t get behind a wheel and if you think they won’t catch you, they’ll catch you!”

Schmidt says they’re doing everything they can to get the message out.

“There are consequences and we’re going to take them off the road.”

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