Former Oshawa Boxing Club Member Killed In Car Crash In Dubai

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A former member of an Oshawa boxing club was killed in a high-speed crash in Dubai.

Cody Nixon died after he rented a Ferrarri and he and two other people were in slammed into a lamp post and split in half on Sunday morning.  All three occupants were killed. Just hours before the Sunday morning crash Nixon posted a photo of himself on Instagram saying “Just landed into Dubai picked up the Ferrari! Don’t worry I won’t speed.”
Motor City Boxing Club in Oshawa posted on their Facebook page saying “It’s with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to Cody “C-4” Nixon. Cody lost his lift yesterday while vacationing overseas. RIP Cody.”
Nixon was a former member of Motor City Boxing Club and represented Ontario at the Canadian Boxing city Championships in 2012.

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