Durham Couple Brings Coffee To Deadly Ground

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A local family is offering Durham residents a cup of coffee that is to die for.

Brad Mavin, Deadly Grounds Coffee Canada
“Well we are not delivering in hearses just yet, Is it in the plans? Well you might just see it sometime soon.”
Brad Mavin and his wife are changing the coffee landscape one sip at a time.  The couple lives in Courtice and have launched a new coffee brand called ‘Deadly Grounds Coffee’ in Canada.
“We are a family company and its run by my wife and I and sometimes that can be a little taxing.  We do everything from our home as far as the shipping and marketing is concerned.
We roast localy”
From time to time the coffee is delivered in a hearse, yes a hearse is the company car.  The creator of the brand worked in the TV and film industry for over 20 years before getting into the coffee brewing business.
“We are very new, we launched for Niagara Falls Comic-Con last year which was our entry into Canada.  Right away people were going crazy over the coffee and we could just see that it was going to go well.  Then next stop was Fan Expo Canada.”
With coffee blends like ‘Hell’s Fury’, ‘Chocolate Scream Egg’, and ‘Death By Chocolate’, it has caught the attention of Durham residents and worldwide celebrities.
“It’s great we have endorsements from George Romero who is the king of zombies and my personal idol.  It’s crazy at the Fan Expo my wife arranged a photo opportunity for me to meet Romero and when I went up to him I thanked him for inspiring me to start our company and he looked at my shirt and said “Oh my god I love that, can I buy a mug?”
Brad and his wife oversee the brewing of the coffee that is made fresh for customers.  Lucky for Durham residents they don’t have to go six feet under to get the first sip.
“We have a little set up at the Courtice Flee Market, we joined our French Chris who has horror collectables and t-shirts of his own designs so we put together this awesome little shop that we call ‘Frankenstore’ and it’s coffee.  It’s kind of a cool thing to have in Courtice Ontario.”
For more information you can go to deadlygroundscoffee.ca

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