Winter Is Set To Make A Comeback

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

If your commute home was relatively smooth tonight… you may have a different story in less than 24 hours as Environment Canada has issued a winter storm watch.

For many residents spring fever may have hit with temperatures almost in the double digits on the weekend.  Those temperatures are now a memory, and the reality of winter is setting back in.  A winter storm is expected to sweep through the Region on Tuesday. The snow is expected to become heavier in the afternoon and into the evening.

The morning commute could be particularly difficult.

Environment Canada Geoff Coulson

“At this point in time it looks like Oshawa and Durham will be in the snow part of the system.  That snow expected to begin in the morning hours on Tuesday probably right around the morning rush hour between 8 and 9.”

The snow is expected to continue throughout the day with between 2 – 4 centimeters of accumulation. If you think that you will be able to put the shovel away after work, you’re not in luck.

“That snow will continue over night into early Wednesday morning.  Totally snowfall accumulation at this point in time could be around 15 centimeters.”

If you also thought it was almost time to put away your winter boots and bring out the flip-flops you’re out of luck again.

“I think it may be a little too early to make that kind of a statement. I think that given the fact that we are seeing a few more of these systems giving us a messy mix of precipitation it is still possible that we will see more of these during the course of the month of March.”

It is also expected that temperatures will remain a bit cooler than normal for the rest of the work week.

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