Robert Lutczyk Sentenced To Over 8 Years

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Former Oshawa city councillor Robert Lutczyk was sentenced to prison today for the kidnapping of city solicitor David Potts in 2012.

David Potts made one last walk to the courthouse today, to deal with the traumatic kidnapping he says former Oshawa city councilor Robert Lutczyk put him through

David Potts

“Justice was served Friday.  Things happen to people every day and this is something that happened to us 3 1/2 years ago and the decision to put it in perspective and put it behind us is how one deals with it.”

Lutczyk got eight years in prison for the crime.

David Potts

“I think everybody involved was relieved and I and my family as well”

Maureen Potts

“We are relieved it is over, I want to thank Mr Lutczyk for this apology. That meant an awful lot to our family.”

The Crown and defence both suggested a sentence eight years and four months in prison, plus enhanced credit for the forty months he spent in pretrial custody.  On the final day of the sentencing hearing, Lutczyk took the stand to convince the judge he has shown remorse and said he told his probation officer he was remorseful in a phone call… Though that parole officer was called to the stand and said she has no records of Lutczky stating his remorse.  In court the judge called Lutczyk’s remorse ‘hallow and disingenuous’.

Maureen Potts

“We wish it never happened but our life goes on, Mr Lutczyk’s life will go on.”

With Lutczyk’s credit for his pre-sentence custody, his remaining sentence is 3 years and 4 months in prison.

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