Oshawa Residents Can Expect A Higher Tax Bill

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The 2016 operating budget for the City of Oshawa was approved Friday.

Initially city staff suggested a tax increase of 2.94 per cent but after days of deliberation staff were able to bring the tax increase down to 2.52 per cent

John Henry, Mayor of Oshawa

“It’s not the final total for the budget because for the City of Oshawa we collect our own waste and at the Region and other municipal levels they use regional waste services so we get a credit for that back on to our budget.  It should be less than 2.52 per cent but I can’t tell you the exact number right now.”

For a home valued at 325 thousand dollars, the actual increase amounts to just over 56 dollars.

Nancy Diamond, Oshawa City Councilor

“I am satisfied that we will be able to meet the service needs and we will be able to have money for training of staff, we will have the money to do the work at the waterfront.

It is spread across the city evenly.”

Throughout the budget process today Councillor Amy McQuaid England was live Tweeting her thoughts.

Here are some examples:

“seriously this program has been approved by council and yet no one has any idea about it”

Or this one…

“My head hurts.  I can’t believe we have debated an hour to literally stop testing and monitoring our creek water.”

McQuaid-England insists her comments were not derogatory towards the other councilors or the Mayor

Amy McQuiad- England, Oshawa city councilor

“I think it was done tongue and cheek… I don’t think my head literally hurt when I tweeted that my head hurt.  I just meant that I don’t feel like I am on the same page philosophically in terms of the financial stewardship”

John Henry, Mayor of Oshawa

“Every councilor is an employee of the committee and voted in by the residents.  How they maintain their social feeds is there choice.  If they choose to tweets their meetings then that is their choice.

It’s up to the individual member of council but they are also accountable for their actions as well and be responsible for them.”

Now the city’s budget has been approved, the regional budget will be presented on Tuesday.

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