New Home For DRPS Officially Opens

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Durham Police’s new East Division building is now open to the public.

The wait is finally over!  Durham Police’s new 47,650 square foot facility is now open for business.

“We moved our staff over on Friday and today at 8 am we opened our doors and the public is welcome to use this facility at 2046 Maple Grove Road.”

Inspector Rolf Kluem says they needed a new building as they outgrew the previous one on Regional Road 57.

“That building had basically outlived its use of life.  We couldn’t really expand on it any further and of course with Clarington and the Durham Region are expanding and growing and new people coming here all the time.  So this facility was necessary for the existing policing required for this community and to accommodate additional growth moving forward in the future.”

Inspector Kluem says the new building is more visible to the community and will have close to 100 frontline officers working out of it including Constable John Parnsalu.

“Often times when we didn’t have a computer for officers at work.  There wasn’t a safe place to bring prisoners.  We’d bring them to the front desk where the public was.  Clarington is growing and we just need a bigger place to house police officers.”

The facility features includes ergonomic designed work stations, proper meeting rooms and a modern criminal investigation branch.

The facility will be open to the public for police inquiries, Monday to Friday, from 8 am until 7 pm and a hotline is available for anyone needing assistance outside of those hours.

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